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Why Unlimit You?


Unlimit You – /ʌ^n’lImIt /yü/

“Unlimit“ – A non-existent English word derived from the original word unlimited. While the term unlimited is something that already exists, the word “unlimit” can be seen as something that still has to be done. In other words, to properly “Unlimit You,” you need to take action to get unlimited.

Are you ready to step into all the unlimited potential you have?

What People Say

I am in awe of Nathanael Zurbruegg! Many people complain on a daily basis yet Nathanael just keeps on keeping on. His values, along with his victorious mindset philosophy are something we should all aspire to. I know listeners will be magically moved by his story, Watch and listen to Nathanael and grow out of your fears.

Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria, True Calling Life & Business Coach

Nathanael was such an inspiring guest to have on my podcast. Wow! Just wow! An incredible story, told with such humility, Nathanael is beacon of hope for anyone going through a rough time and stuck with negative thoughts. I am sure he will inspire millions on his quest to positively impact the world. I would recommend anyone to listen to him.

Mark Pitcher

Smash The Box Podcast -

Nathanael was an amazing guest on the Inspired Stewardship Podcast. His inspirational story and powerful insight into how we grow as human beings was touching, powerful, and inspirational. I can recommend Nathanael as a guest or speaker if you want to hear a powerful message delivered from an awesome person.

Scott Maderer

Founder of Inspired Stewardship

The most compelling messages of freedom and hope come from real experiences of soldiers in the trenches. Nathanael's message is not only inspiring and personal, it is based on sound psychological principles that are immediately applicable. Nathanael has been there and done that, making him a believable and inspiring example of how to overcome life's challenges and Live On Purpose.

Dr. Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D

Positivity Psychologist and Founder of Live On Purpose -

Nathanael adds so much value to each person he speaks with. My global podcast audience will love his inspirational story!

Allison Liddle

Business builder, speaker and 2x International Bestselling Author -

I am inspired by Nathanael’s journey and his outlook on life. His message resonates and will change the lives of so many. It was such a joy sharing Nathanael’s message on Todays Leader – The Coach Curl Podcast and the feedback has been amazing. If you are looking for a speaker that truly lives his message and will impact positively the people in your organisation, thne look no further than Nathanael. In his words, Unlimit yourself, step into your unlimited dream”

Tony Curl

Todays Leader Podcast -

My podcast 'Your Partner In Success Radio' affords me the opportunity to meet and speak with incredible people from all over the world. My recent conversation with Nathanael Zurbruegg will stay with me as being one of the most amazingly gentle lessons on gratitude and living your best life no matter what!

Denise Griffits

Founder & CEO Your office On The Web

Through his amazing example of positivity regardless of the circumstance and his faith, Nathanael has deeply challenged me on the way to overcome self-pity and negativeness on my own challenges. I can only recommend Nathanael to anybody wanting to get out of his/her rabbit hole and focusing on solutions in his/her challenge(s). Thanks Nathanael!

Joel Vuadens-Chan

Founder and CEO of Swiss Leaders Group

Nathanael Zurbruegg is by far one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever heard of and came in contact with. When he was on stage I was zoned in, I listened intently. He enlightened in me a spirit of determination to overcome some of my obstacles in life. In my opinion I think Nathanael is a gift from God to mankind to inspire people to overcome. Thank you Nathanael for putting other people first and for not negotiating with difficulties but slaying them in their tracks. He is worth listening to and much loved.

Robert D. Melson

Owner of Sussex County Detailing LLC

Nathanael is an incredible soul. Experiencing him share his story on stage was very inspiring. He is an amazing individual with a remarkable outlook on life and a superb ability to connect! A truly transformational experience.

Lauren Parente

Soul on Fire -

After listening to Nathanael there’s two things that really stood out to me. First, his smiling and positive attitude was contagious and really encouraging. Secondly, he said something I don’t think I will forget. “There’s purpose in your pain.” This one statement shifted my thinking in a significant way. Thank you for the inspiration Nathanael.

Kyle Gillette

Business Owner and ACC Certified Coach

It was great interviewing Nathanael for the misadventures in Entrepreneuring podcast, he shared some great insights and honest truths about what he’s learnt from his journey so far and the vision he has for his adventures ahead. A great conversation!

Lucy Rose

Misadventures in Entrepreneuring

It was a pleasure to have Nathanael on The Transformative Leader Podcast. His example of resilience and determination to not allow obstacles to get in his way of living an extraordinary life and making a difference for others is awe inspiring and I am glad I had the privilege of speaking to him and bringing part of his story and his enthusiasm to our listeners

Amir Ghannad

President: The Ghannad Group - Author of “The Transformative Leader“

Nathanael is probably the most inspirational person that I've talked to in my podcast. He's truly a demonstration of how powerful we are if we have the righ mindset in life - he calls this the 'victorious mindset'. It was such an honor to have him as a guest. Keep up the great work!

Jovan Medrano

Possibilities Show Podcast -


Walk with you on the journey to create a victorious mindset that paths you to your unlimited potential, purpose, significance and to be your biggest inspiration aspiring your dreams.

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