Unleash the Unlimited Potential Within You


“Nathanael is an incredible soul. Experiencing him share his story on stage was very inspiring. He is an amazing individual with a remarkable outlook on life and a superb ability to connect! A truly transformational experience.” 

 Lauren Parente – Soul on Fire

“I am inspired by Nathanael’s journey and his outlook on life. His message resonates and will change the lives of so many. It was such a joy sharing Nathanael’s message on Todays Leader – The Coach Curl Podcast and the feedback has been amazing. If you are looking for a speaker that truly lives his message and will impact positively the people in your organisation, thne look no further than Nathanael. In his words, Unlimit yourself, step into your unlimited dream” 

Tony “Coach” Curl – Todays Leader Podcast

“Nathanael adds so much value to each person he speaks with.” 

Allison Liddle – Business Builder, Speaker and 3 Times Bestselling Author

“Through his amazing example of positivity regardless of the circumstance and his faith, Nathanael has deeply challenged me on the way to overcome self-pity and negativeness on my own challenges. I can only recommend Nathanael to anybody wanting to get out of his/her rabbit hole and focusing on solutions in his/her challenge(s). Thanks Nathanael!”

Joel Vuadens-Chan – Founder and CEO of Swiss Leaders Group

Nathanael adds value to your listeners by:

4 Steps to unlock the unlimited potential that’s within you
The power to use your top strengths

Practical steps to discover your passion and values
The power to create the dream of your life

Create the dream life that helps others to thrive
Breaking through the “Monday“ mindset

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