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Apart from being a human being that can inspire others, Nathanael is an individual that truly is an inspiration himself. He’s a person that overcame an incurable chronic illness and had almost zero chances of living and yet, here he is. Alive, kicking and motivating hundreds every day. And, if you’re looking for an inspirational speaker, he may just be the person you’re looking for.

Nathanael has been fighting against a chronical illness for over 30 years. He has faced three failed kidney transplants, three lung infections and has had over 4500 dialysis treatments over the course of his life. According to medical predictions, he should have died over 6 times by now! But, the will to live, that fire that’s been burning inside of him for so long has not only helped him survive but to thrive and help others do the same.

In terms of profession, Nathanael Zurbruegg is an available inspirational speaker who has founded the for-profit business “Unlimit You“. It was founded for the primary reason of inspiring individuals to become the very best versions of themselves. He helps them grow by letting them understand the unlimited potential that they hold within themselves and eventually transcend into someone that’s not just a person, but an inspiration himself. Moreover, his goal is to allow individuals to face oncoming dangers with a smiling face and an inner feeling of knowing that they can overcome whatever circumstances are placed in front of them.

Nathanael is extremely willing to chat with you and talk about your event. You can book him as an inspirational speaker, personal mindset mentor, a Leadership workshop or a DISC Personality Evaluation. You can learn more about his services by clicking here. If you think that a person like Nathanael can help you out with the obstacle that you’re facing, fill the form below and book him for a session today!

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